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Oldest Suburb of Sacramento

What started as the small vision of developer Edwin K. Alsip and the Oak Park Association, grew into Sacramento’s first full-fledged suburb.  

Beginning in 1887, with an initial division of 56 whole or partial lots, Oak Park gained a reputation as a community build by hard-working citizens. 

In the early 1900’s, most residents had blue collar jobs working for the railroads, state fair, canneries and the highway commission. During this time most residents were White, with scattered Blacks and Mexican Americans.

General information

40 acres Art & Cultural Center Grand Opening
May 2003

St. HOPE’s largest economic development project opened with Underground Books, Uncle Jed’s Cut Hut, Starbucks and the Guild Theater. 

40 Acres is the jewel of the SHDC efforts in the Oak Park community.  The building was the historic Woodruff Hotel which was build in 1922 and was renovated by St. HOPE Development company in 2003.  

The 23,000 sq. ft. mixed use facility includes:

  • Guild Theater
  • Underground Books
  • Old Soul Coffee House
  • Coopers Wine Bar
  • Upper Room Apartments