PS7 Elementary: Academics



The PS7 curriculum is driven by clear grade-level academic standards based on the Common Core State Standards. Teachers use regularly-scheduled assessments to measure how well scholars are mastering these standards.


Measurement of Student Performance

Student performance will be based on three (3) areas of development:  Academics, Attendance and Leadership.

1. Academics (0-4 grade points)

Student performance on specific, individual academic standards will be assessed through multiple measures, including but not limited to criterion-referenced tests, portfolios, and rubrics.

Performance Level

Grade Points


Honor Roll
Honor Roll Categories and Guidelines

There are 10 honor roll points available each quarter.  To earn Honor Roll status, scholars must achieve a 10/10 or 9/10 on each quarterly report card.  There are three categories where points can be earned: Academics (4 points), Attendance (maximum of 3 points) and Leadership (maximum of 3 points).  Honor Roll students must receive 4 out of 4 academic points and 3 out of 3 leadership points.