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“Changing the Norm: A Black Women’s Guide To Eating, Looking and Feeling Her Best”
By Laticia Action Jackson

There’s an overabundance of health, fitness and nutrition books available for today’s consumer. However, few of these books identify the unique barriers and challenges African American women face in the areas of weight loss, proper nutrition, healthy living, stress management, hair care barriers to exercise and much more. Why Changing The Norm? There’s an alarming amount of data that supports the need for a book like “Changing the Norm”.


Children’s Storytime

Come join us on the last Saturday of each month from 12-1pm for Children’s Story time at Underground Books (2814 35th St.)  hosted by the River City Road Runners. 

The free event is catered to children ages 3-10 and includes a book reading and an organized arts and crafts project.  Kids also receive a free book!

Parents are welcome to attend and participate with their children. 

Please visit our upcoming events section for future dates, or contact the bookstore for more information.


Carla Harris
Oak Park Speaker Series

The Oak Park Speaker Series proudly presents well-known Vice Chairman Carla Harris.

6pm – Speaker Series (Guild Theater – 2828 35th Street)

7pm – Book Signing (Underground Books – 2814 35th Street)

Note: MUST purchase book from Underground Books to attend book signing.



“Chronicles of Connie 1 & 2″
By Constance Y. Cooper

“The Chronicles of Connie” by Constance Cooper, is a revealing and transparent testimony of a young woman’s struggles with substance abuse. Cooper’s story is about her struggles, the victories and how ultimately yielding to the power of God saved her life.


“Paint and Sip” with Ebony London
By Underground Books


I am in harmony with myself.

I am in harmony with you.

I am in harmony with us.

At this painting event, you will paint three figures, standing side-by-side, with flowing garments. You will spend time customizing the figure’s gender, skin tone, hair color/texture and the figure’s clothing design & colors.

Cost: $35

Visit Underground Books to reserve your seat!!


“Working the Roots: Over 400 Years of Traditional African American Healing”
By Michelle Elizabeth Lee

African American traditional medicine is an American classic that emerged out of the necessity of its people to survive. It began with the healing knowledge brought with the African captives on the slave ships and later merged with Native American, European and other healing traditions to become a full-fledged body of medicinal practices that has lasted in various forms down to the present day.


“Operation Growth: an extraordinary journey of maturity, motherhood and black girl magic”
By Brandi R Richard

Operation Growth is designed to help women on the cusp of greatness, navigate to their personal next level. Through her authentic account of the struggles and triumphs of a single black woman, leader, and mom, Brandi has woven together a hero’s story of how to navigate to your personal next level. You don’t have to see it or know exactly what it is, because perfection is not necessary. Grit and tenacity absolutely are. Operation Growth is about determination and identification of your divine destiny.


“Adult Master Art Workshop”
With Milton 510 Bowens

Renowned Bay Area artist and educator, Milton 510 Bowens will present a series of
Adult Master Art Workshops beginning Saturday, September 8 from 5-7pm. 

Attendees will create their own individual, message driven, mixed media original work of art.

More information to come!


“Never Let Nobody Steal Yo’ Thunder: Don’t Let the Bad People Keep You Down
By Kim Y. Nelson

After turning everyone she knows against her, Alice decides that it is time to make a positive change in her life. But despite all of her efforts to do the right thing and stay out of trouble, she seems to be a magnet for bad luck and bad people. Unfortunately in life, it only takes one bad person to bring you down to the point that you lose all of your “thunder” and passion for life. Sometimes, it only takes one bad person to make you lose your very will to live. Alice struggles to find the inner strength to overcome adversity and open herself up to the possibility of true love.


“The Future of Fathers: Will You Stay and Become a Father, or Will You Walk Out the Door…”
By Rick J. McPhearson

The future of fathers is a revitalizing, uplifting and real look at what many men will go through as they journey to fatherhood. It gives insight from one father’s perspective, and it gives resources and facts about where we are in society as fathers. It will challenge you, motivate you, and hopefully enlighten you. Use it as a tool, and let it serve as a guide to your future, the future of fathers where men are made to step up and take on the responsibilities set forth the very moment your child looked up, opened their tiny eyes and proclaimed you as Dad.


St. HOPE Scholars Are Oak Park Smart!

Know some amazing students? So do we! This past month, three students, one each from PS7, Oak Park Prep and Sac High, were recognized at the second annual Celebrate Oak Park festival as Oak Park Smart’s top students. Celebrate Oak Park is an annual celebration of learning and student achievement for the schools serving Oak Park and is put on by Jay Schenirer’s WayUp initiative.


Best of Sac High, 2018

Underground Books and Old Soul were pleased to present the 15th annual “Best of Sac High Student Art Exhibit.”  The exhibit showcases the school year’s best work by students attending Sac High. The exhibit is a board cross-spectrum of talented youth – freshmen to seniors, as well as a diverse representation from the three art pathways on Sac High’s campus.


Pi Day Fun!

PS7 Middle scholars had the opportunity to participate in our annual Pi Day carnival in March. Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant pi (π), celebrated on March 14th (3.14)! The event was led by our 8th grade scholars as they managed a variety of stations for our sixth and seventh grade scholars to participate in, such as field games, math worksheets, a Pi chain, and of course, enjoying a slice of pie!!  Our sixth and seventh graders had a fantastic time participating as they were able to show off their math knowledge and teamwork skills!


Sac High Class of 2021 Visits Google!

Last month, the entire Sac High Class of 2021 (9th grade) was invited to spend a day at Google headquarters in Mountain View! The Dragons spent the whole day touring the #googleplex with a “Googler”, eating a meal from the Google Kitchen, and hearing from a panel of “Googlers” with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This trip was important for our students in that it opened up their minds to the endless possibilities available to them when they pursue and obtain their college degree. 


Shout Hooray for St. HOPE’s Big Day!

Earlier this month, St. HOPE participated in the Big Day of Giving, one of the region’s biggest online giving campaigns created to support Sacramento’s nonprofit community by raising essential funding and allowing for nonprofits to continue in their efforts to make Sacramento a better place!

As hopeful as our staff and students were, we would have never expected what was to come on that big day! Securing over $60,000 in donations and matching donations of a $50,000 goal was more than we could have ever anticipated! EVER!


Speaker Series Returns to Oak Park

In partnership with Underground Books and the Greater Sacramento Urban League, the inaugural Oak Park Speaker Series is proud to announce an exciting lineup of speakers including Roland Martin, Byron Pitts, Terry McMillan and Carla Harris.  Individual tickets and sponsorships are now available for the 4-part series that will launch on May 9 at the Guild Theater. 


Student Section: Reflecting on Gun Violence

Last month Sac High participated in the “National School Walkout” during which students across the country walked out of school to honor the 17 victims shot and killed at Stoneman Douglas High School in February. The walkout was initiated as a call to the U.S. government to pass stricter gun control laws. Here’s what one student had to say about it:


Sac High Tackles the Regional Science Bowl!

Sac High freshman biology students tackled the Regional Science Bowl hosted at Cordova High School on February 24th. After months of anticipating acceptance as an eligible team, the group of young men began to prepare intensely, studying every day during lunch and after school for the competition. They eagerly counted the days until the competition, discussing the new topics they had learned since they began practicing two months prior. The Dragon competitors studied concepts from basic biology to college level physics to ensure they were prepared to compete in the program.


Oral History Night

Oral History Night is Oak Park Preparatory Academy’s annual celebration of Black History Month. The night consists of students sharing inspiring stories about challenges they have faced in their lives, and how they plan to use those experiences to motivate them to achieve future success. There is also a portion of the night when students and families compete in the “Who Am I” challenge in which they are given various bios of famous African Americans and must guess who they are.


#GTDragons Rise

It is common for professional athletes and local teams to support the communities in which they live and play. Sac High and St. HOPE have certainly received generous support from local teams such as the Kings and FC Republic, and from players like DeMarcus Cousins. These relationships have produced plenty of photo ops and check presentations, not to mention incredibly exciting opportunities for St. HOPE students.  This has been no more evident by the recent addition of Garrett Temple to the Kings roster.  Like Mr. Cousins before him, Mr.


All-Star Spotlight: Q & A with Anaiyah Cabrellis!

All-Star Spotlight: Q & A with Anaiyah Cabrellis!

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: My name is Anaiyah and I’m 16. I’m the Junior Class President at Sac High, and an intern at Underground Books. I like to read, write and draw, and my favorite subjects are history and math.

Q: Awesome! What else are you involved in on campus?


College? Yes Please.

PS7 Middle School scholars had the opportunity to visit three college campuses this month! PS7 sixth graders went to UC Davis, 7th graders went to UC Berkeley, and 8th graders went to Stanford.  At each college, scholars participated in a campus tour, explored each campus, visited the bookstore, and played games in the quad.  Scholars learned all about the majors and programs offered at each school, the requirements to get into each school, life as a college freshman, and extracurricular activities available at each school.


Even Dragons Have Grandmas

When one thinks of Sac High athletics, one’s mind likely first flashes to images of players streaking to victory down the football field or basketball court, to the banners that line the walls of the gym, and to the pictures of the students who pursued college and professional careers following their time at Sac High.


Sac High Shadow Days Kick-Off!

The Sac High Shadow Day Program kicked off earlier this month by hosting eighth graders (Class of 2022) from St. HOPE’s very own Oak Park Prep Academy. The Shadow Day Program is a terrific opportunity for interested eighth graders to learn firsthand what it means to be a Sac High Dragon. Shadow Days at Sac High offer a fun and illuminating way to connect with current Sac High scholars, meet diverse leaders on campus and learn about specific courses and programs offered only at Sac High.


Black to the Future Dialogue

Underground Books celebrated Black History Month with a panel discussion led by well-known artist Milton Bowens, Dr. Torry Winn of UC Davis’ Transformative Justice in Education Center (TJE) and Dr. Teresa Aldredge of the Los Rios Community College System.  


College Track Center Stage: Violet Walker

Violet Walker is a Senior at Sac High and part of the original founding cohort of College Track Sacramento. She completed her college applications last semester and is excitedly awaiting her results. She has already been accepted to Tuskegee University, Wilberforce University, Virginia State, West Virginia State, Chico State, and Benedict College. Her top choices are UC Merced, UC Davis, or Humboldt State. While waiting on the rest of her acceptances, she is busy applying for numerous scholarships. She wants to study medicine and eventually become a veterinarian.


AP Biology Students Study Plant Physiology and Breathe Success

Do you ever wonder why leaves really turn colors in the fall?  And how plants actually produce the oxygen we breathe and need to live?  If you run into a Sac High AP Biology student this New Year, she/he should be able to give you an explanation that would satisfy a college biology instructor!