PS7 Elementary: About Us


About PS7 Elementary School

Listen. Respect. Work Hard.

With critical support from parents and PS7 staff, our scholars will continue to develop crucial academic and leadership skills each year. At the conclusion of this rigorous educational journey, our scholars will be empowered to graduate from a 4-year university, and obtain their dream jobs. We will certainly encounter obstacles during this journey. We will embrace and overcome any challenges as a team and as a family by adhering to our rules: Listen. Respect. Work Hard.

College Going Culture

The expectation is that 100% of PS7 scholars will attend and graduate from a four-year university. Scholars enter their kindergarten class through a door marked with the year they will graduate, not from high school, but rather from a four-year university. Scholars begin to visit colleges and universities in kindergarten and visit at least one university per year.

Dedicated Teachers

PS7 teachers go above and beyond in the classroom with their scholars, but also in their own professional development and dedication to their passion. More time in the classroom for scholars also means more time on point for teachers. And just as with scholars and parents, PS7’s teachers make that choice and commit to doing whatever it takes to ensure that all scholars have a chance to succeed.