Sac High: Academics: Counseling



At Sac High we’ve completely re-envisioned and re-engineered an approach to counseling. In addition to our advisors who serve students in small group dynamics, we also have three guidance counselors and one college counselor dedicated to scholar success. The core responsibilities of our counseling team are to:

  • Create the master schedule
  • Work with students, families and advisors to develop appropriate course schedules for each student
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to assign academic interventions when necessary
  • Create templates for ILPs
  • Provide mental health counseling, in individual and group settings, and referrals to outside agencies as needed
  • Facilitate partnerships with outside agencies on mental health issues and program development on campus
  • Work with the registrar to ensure accurate student transcripts
  • Ensure that ELD and SPED students are appropriately assigned to services and work with coordinators to communicate with teachers and staff about these students’ needs
  • Collaborate on the creation of advisory curricula and help to codify the benchmarks and milestones of each grade level
  • Provide general information to students and advisors about course selection, A-G, graduation requirements, and student support services
  • Coordinate internship opportunities for students with outside agencies
  • Assist students with applying for colleges, FAFSA and scholarships
  • Link students to enrichment programs, summer college programs and scholarships
  • Assist students with writing college essays and personal statements