Walk 4 Literacy


St. HOPE is sponsoring a team of walkers to participate in the 4th Annual Walk 4 Literacy event taking place on Saturday, October 21. 

The literacy crisis in Sacramento threatens to drastically impact this generation of children, their future and the future of our city.  Sacramento’s literacy crisis requires bold action and massive public awareness. 

Our goal is to help every child reach grade-level reading. The Walk4Literacy is a collaborative project. Join us!

Number of volunteers needed: 8

Project contact: Ms. Foster (916) 709-5305

Time: 7:30am-10am (2.5 hours)

LOCATION: Meet at McClatchy Park (35th Street & 5th Ave.)


1. Must be a current Sac High student (any grade)

2. Must commit to attend ENTIRE event from 7:30am-10am


1. Must wear St. HOPE or Sac High Uniform/Spirit/Athletic Shirt

2. Khakis, Jeans, Shorts, Sweatpants

3. Tennis or walking shoes