MLK Jr.’s Legacy “A Call to Action”
Message from St. HOPE President

Pipeline Newsletter

As we reflect and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. let us recommit to continue with courage and conviction to build our own legacy for equity and justice for all. It is not the time to sleep or slumber but to be bold for the things we know are right.  We need to speak out to protect democracy and the very fundamental rights that are being challenged across our nation.  The challenge to the voting rights of people anywhere in the United States of America is a challenge to all of us.  The passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was a pivotal point in our history and Dr. King’s legacy. We can not go back.  We can not lose these fundamental rights because we did not do our part to keep the legacy alive.


Today Dr. King’s legacy is a call to action for us all. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said “ It is always the right time to do what is right.”  


Our video tribute here to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a salute to the youngest at the time Nobel Peace Prize winner and a man who had the audacity to believe in education and culture, equality and human rights for all. Our tribute is also a call to action for our collective voices to be advocates in our communities and across the nation.



Cassandra H.B. Jennings