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About Indivizible

Indivizible is dedicated to empowering the African American community on a shared agenda, and creating a unified voice to achieve change. Indivizible is committed to the development of initiatives strategically aimed to assemble the African American community for educational achievement, economic empowerment and political influence.

Indivizble is the force behind Sacramento’s African American community, working diligently to close the education achievement gap, empowering the black community through wealth creation, and leveraging political influence for African Americans.

The 2016 Indivizible Speaker Series focuses on creating a conversation that directly speaks to the needs of Sacramento’s African-American community. Led by Mayor Kevin Johnson, Indivizible’s 2016 Speaker Series brings out some of the nations biggest, brightest, most innovative game changers to Sacramento, in an effort to empower our black communities to carefully position themselves to be one of the most powerful economic and political forces in our country! 

Core Topics

Educational Achievement
Developing strategic initiatives to eliminate the achievement gap within Sacramento’s black community. 

Economic Empowerment
Empowering the black community through a creative agenda that promotes economic empowerment and wealth creation.

Political Empowerment
Educating and empowering the black community on sustainable ways to leverage political influence in Sacramento.

Unified Voice
Creating a unified voice for Sacramento’s African American community. One community. One voice.