Transforming Youth Through Travel Scholarship

General information

Context Travel is a network of architects, historians, and art historians who organize walking seminars for intellectually curious travelers. Context Travel has extended a special invitation for a Sacramento High School student(s) to travel with an assigned chaperone to another country for approximately 10 days in the spring of each school year. The opportunity is meant to enlighten and broaden an inner city student’s mind with global travel experience, and places them with some of the leading art, history and cultural scholars. This is an all-expenses paid trip sponsored by Context Travel Company and has been partnering with St. HOPE since 2008. The successful student(s) will  be expected to complete a documentary project of their experiences upon returning to the United States. The fellowship winner completes daily blogs on the Context Travel website as well as executes a documentary project that is shared with their school and Oak Park community. 

How to Apply

Students that are in the 11th or 12th grade at Sac High can apply for the scholarship. Most of these students have not been out of the country and many have not been out of the state of California. The applicants have to meet minimum requirements, listed below. They also have to go through a panel interview with Sac High teachers, a St HOPE leader and Context Travel coordinator via Skype. Students will participate in four 3 hour Saturday seminars in preparation for the fellowship. For more information, please contact David Marks at

Minimum Qualifications

  • Record of community service and/or extra curricular activity
  • Participated in an internship within the community, long-term volunteer project or leadership role
  • Passed all English courses with a B or higher
  • Completed World History with a B or higher or Passed AP World History
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be a current Junior or Senior
  • Letters of recommendation concerning academic and student’s character
  • Be willing to participate in outside of school requirements for the trip. Such as, seminars, projects, etc.