Dev Corp: Current Projects

Development Project

PS7 Elementary Campus Renovation

In the winter of 2018, PS7 Elementary was awarded a $25 million dollar grant for a new facility. As a result, the campus will become one of finest school facilities in the Sacramento area. The new campus will include 31 brand new classrooms, a new library and tech center, a beautiful new entrance, an amphitheater, and with your help, a new gym.

Development Project

40 Acres Exterior Upgrades

The 23,000 sq. ft. mixed use property known as 40 Acres in Oak Park was acquired and renovated by St. HOPE nearly 17 years ago. Today, 40 Acres is the jewel of the neighborhood and home to The Guild Theater, Underground Books, Old Soul Coffee Co., World Class Faders, Fixins Soul Kitchen, and the Upper Room Apartments. This year, 40 Acres is currently undergoing a second set of improvements including paint, awnings, signage, window plant boxes, and more!

Development Project

Acquisition Properties

In addition to current and completed projects, the St. HOPE Development Company strategically purchased several properties in Oak Park to ensure they would maintain the historic culture of Oak Park. 

These buildings were sold to developers who believe in maintaining the cultural integrity of the neighborhood.  

3402 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95817