McClatchy Park Cleanup


Come out to help cleanup the largest park in Oak Park.  St. HOPE has partnered with AAA Insurance and the Oak Park Neighborhood Association to form one of the largest cleanup projects in Oak Park. 

Over 80 people will be working together to pick-up trash, rake the baseball field, wipe down the play structures and assist with other minor landscaping projects to provide a safe and clean space for the entire community.

More than 40 Sac High students are needed to assist with this project.  Each student will be partnered with an adult. 

Contact: Ms. Hall (916) 207-8700

Time: 2:15pm-5:15pm

LOCATION: McClatchy Park – 3500 5th Ave Sac, Ca 95817


  1. Must be a current Sac High student (any grade)
  2. Must commit to attend from 2:15pm-5:15pm 
  3. MUST complete Parent Permission Form and return to Sac High Front Office by November 6.

The attached Parent Permission Slip can be picked-up in the Sac High Front Office.


  1. Sac High/St. HOPE shirt
  2. Jeans, shorts, athletic pants
  3. Tennis shoes (that can get dirty)