Sacramento’s 2014 Primary Elections

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The Primary Municipal Elections for Sacramento’s City Council are right around the corner and it’s important you know who is running and what they stand for!

The Candidates

Angelique Ashby (District 1) // Cyril Shaw (District 3) // Jeff Harris (District 3)

Adam Sartain (District 3) // Efren M Guttierrez (District 3) // Deane Dana (District 3)

Rosalyn Van Buren (District 3) // Ellen Cochrane (District 3) // Jay Schenirer (District 5)

Ali Cooper (District 5) // Abe Snobar (District 7) // Julius Cherry (District 7)

Rick Jennings (District 7)

Sacramento Council District Map

Are You Registered to Vote?

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*ALL NEW* Now, you can ensure that your vote counts through the use of the new election tool from Sacramento County, which will help you find the nearest polling location and check your registration status, all from the comforts of your own smartphone.