5 Things You Didn’t Know About John Hope Bryant
2014 Speaker Series

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You often hear about entrepreneurs and successful business owners giving back to the community. They write a check to their organization of choice and that’s the extent of it.

It’s rare to hear philanthropists taking it upon themselves to connect with communities, making the effort to understand why the money they are donating is even needed in the first place.

This is one argument that is not applicable to entrepreneur, Mogul and motivational speaker John Hope Bryant. Bryant has set himself apart by making a monumental footprint in society, serving the needs of underserved communities around the world, promoting financial literacy, financial dignity and economic empowerment.

Bryant is more than just your ordinary businessman and his track record definitely speaks for itself. Check out a few things you may or may not of known about the legendary John Hope Bryant.

1. Bryant is almost positive that the poor can save capitalism

Sounds ludicrous doesn’t it? Well, not to John Hope Bryant. Bryant is so certain of it, he’s dedicated a book to his teachings, detailing these thoughts on such theory.

Bryant’s most recent book, How the Poor Can Save Capitalism, details how business and political leaders most ignored group in society, the poor, are the key to turning our economy around.  He encourages leaders and decision makers to give those in question (the poor) the right tools to uplift themselves,which in turn will assist in rebuilding the middle class and creating a new generation of customers and entrepreneurs.

2. Rodney King had a hugh impact on Bryant

Well, we assume so. Immediately following the Rodney King Riots of 1992, Bryant decided to form the first non-profit social investment banking organization Operation HOPE.

Anyone who lived through the Rodney King riots could see the devastating economic realties that people were being faced with, Bryant was just bold enough to do something about it and took a stand.

Since 1992, Operation HOPE has successfully achieved their mission of being one of the best financial literacy empowerment programs in our communities, offering financial dignity for all.

Take a peek at Operation HOPE’s 2014 initiatives:

HOPE Initiatives
Project 5117
The Mission
Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action
HOPE Inside
HOPE Inside Plus
5 Million Kids Initiative
HOPE Business in a Box Academies
HOPE Business In A Box Crowdfunding

3. Bryant can get your credit score to 700

Anyone who’s anyone knows that achieving this is no easy task. Plus, its impossible to find someone to help you raise your credit score, just for the simple fact of helping you get ahead in life.

Bryant is up for the task and has a whole community of financial institutions, retail stores, supermarkets, local municipalities, community-based organizations and shopping centers who standing behind him.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About John Hope Bryant

Through, Operation HOPE, Bryant offers HOPE Inside, a credit score community. Here, they offer free one-on-one credit counseling services, either at HOPE Inside locations or over the phone.

Their Personal Finance Counselors empower clients by identifying their finance issues and together, they recommend steps to establish or improve the clients credit score.
The program includes:

  • Free TransUnion credit report
  • One-on-one consultation with a credit professional
  • Assistance in writing dispute letters
  • Comprehensive budget preparation
  • Credit and Money Management Workshops

To learn more contact nationalcallcenter@operationhope.org.

4. Bryant has taken his visionary thoughts on eliminating the “poor” all the way to Washington

Bryant isn’t stopping at just educating the masses on their financial well being. He’s taken it a few steps further and brought his visionary ideas to Washington.

Bryant serves the U.S. President Barak Obama as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Underserved and Community Empowerment for Obama’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability. In this role, Bryant’s primary focus is on establishing local financial councils for cities, counties and states.

The buck doesn’t stop there either. Bryant’s work on the council assisted in the creation of the U.S. SBA Office of Entrepreneurship Education. Here, work is being done to provide entrepreneurial education, resources and tools that can be used to help small business owners succeed, offering specialized training, distance learning, business management and growth information.

5. Bryant is headed to Sacramento

Indivizible is happy to receive John Hope Bryant as their August speaker in the 2014 Speaker Series this Monday, August 18, 2014 at 6:00pm.

It’s not often that you hear about successful business men hands-on in the community. Fortunately for you, you will be able to witness one, in the flesh, at Indivizible’s August meeting. See you there!


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