Capsity plans new development, investment on Broadway in Oak Park
By Ben Van Der Meer

Article Sacramento Business JournalNovember 10, 2017

Capsity plans new development, investment on Broadway in Oak Park


The properties at 3230 and 3226 Broadway, where Capsity is planning a new development

Co-working hub Capsity is partnering on a real estate development along Broadway in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood, in a project that will include breakfast pizza.

In a partnership with Oak Park architecture firm CRKW Studio, Capsity recently bought a 7,000-square-foot building at 3230 Broadway for $774,545. That building of retail and upper-floor tenants would get new commercial tenants, while a neighboring building wold be partially torn down and replaced with a mixed-use project.

“All of our values are definitely going in here for community and small business growth,” said Mai Linh Tompkins, CEO of Capsity, located at 2572 21st St.

The first signs of Capsity’s plans will appear on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 25, when ground-floor space along Broadway will become a pop-up store for businesses working with Capsity. Beyond that, Buffalo Pizza and Ice Cream Co. will establish a 2,000-square-foot location in the building in about a year’s time.

That would be Buffalo Pizza’s second location, with the original about a mile to the west, south of Broadway. Buffalo Pizza will offer items such as its popular farm-to-fork breakfast pizzas, Tompkins said.

By the time Buffalo Pizza opens, work should be underway on a multi-story development at 3226 Broadway. CRKW and Capsity teamed to buy that building last year, but plan to demolish a portion of it, said CRKW principal Kale Wisnia.

In its place would be a 10,000-square-foot building of office space and eight upper-floor residential units, Wisnia said. That building could be as tall as three stories, with plans forthcoming to the city.

“We’ve waited too long already,” he said, adding he expects construction could get underway in the next six to nine months. Wisnia said his family used to own 3226 Broadway and he’s spent over a decade trying to buy it again.

“Oak Park is a diverse, interesting community where we want to be,” he said.

Both Tompkins and Wisnia said they’re sensitive to concerns in Oak Park about outside real estate investors coming in to make a quick dollar.

Tompkins said she’s committed to making the development one that both lifts up and fits into the neighborhood, with local tenants for other retail spaces at the property, for example, and Capsity also planning an outpost there. Classy Hippie Tea Co., another Capsity ally, has a storefront at 3226 for Small Business Saturday.

“We’re bringing our values together to see how we can revitalize the neighborhood,” Tompkins said.

Ben van der Meer

Staff Writer

Sacramento Business Journal