Free Meals

How do I apply for free or reduced-price meals for my student?

Students currently attending St. HOPE Public Schools do not need to apply for free or reduced-price meals. St. HOPE Public Schools is participating in the Community Eligibility Provision, which means every enrolled student is eligible to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch each school day they are in attendance during designated meal times.

Is all food free for everyone?

One breakfast and one lunch is free for students each day. If students do not take a full meal, or if they would like additional items (such as snacks sold in our snack bar), they are welcome to make those purchases with cash. Adults pay cash for any items.


Why does my student have to take a fruit/vegetable/milk/etc. with his/her meal?

School meals are required to meet specific nutrition standards to operate the federal and state school meals programs. The basic formula requires that five meal components are offered — milk, fruit, vegetable, meat (or an approved meat alternate like beans, yogurt or cheese), and grain. Students must choose three full portions of the five, with at least one choice being a fruit or vegetable.

What’s for lunch?

Menus are posted monthly for each school in the “What you need section.”


For information on state nutrition services:

Additional questions?

Contact your school’s front office via phone or in person, or email us at foodservice@sthopepublicschools.org.