How much money does my student have on his/her meals account?

You can check your student’s balance via MealTime or by contacting the front office at your student’s school or visiting the cafeteria.

How will I know if I need to put more money on my student’s meals account?

You can set up low-balance alerts via MealTime. If your student’s balance is negative, you’ll get a balance statement sent home with your student in their communication folder (or via advisory if your student attends Sacramento Charter High School).

How do I put more money on my student’s meals account?

You can add funds to your student’s account via MealTime, or by giving cash or check payments to the cafeteria or front office at your student’s school site.

What happens if my student doesn’t have enough money in his account to cover a meal?

We strongly discourage meal charges, but understand that an occasional emergency may make it necessary. In the event a student’s account does not have sufficient funds to cover their meals, they will not be denied food. At the school’s discretion, an alternative meal may be provided until the account is fully funded.

At PS7 Elementary, the Alternate Meals Policy applies to scholars who are paying full price for their breakfasts and lunches. The policy does not apply to scholars participating in the Free and Reduced-Price Meals Program. At no time will a scholar be allowed to go hungry. A scholar whose account is more than $25.00 negative may be served an alternate meal, consisting of a sandwich, fruit and milk for lunch. The scholar’s account will be charged $1.00 for this meal. 

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

How do I apply for free or reduced-price meals for my student?

You can apply online via MealTime or print and fill out the paper application, which must be returned to the front office at your student’s school site.

Where can I find out more about free and reduced-price meals?

Details and an FAQ specifically about free and reduced-price meals are provided in the annual Letter to Households.


Why does my student have to take a fruit/vegetable/milk/etc. with his/her meal?

School meals are required to meet specific nutrition standards to operate the federal and state school meals programs. The basic formula requires that five meal components are offered — milk, fruit, vegetable, meat (or an approved meat alternate like beans, yogurt or cheese), and grain. Students must choose three full portions of the five, with at least one choice being a fruit or vegetable.

What’s for lunch?

Menus are posted monthly for each school in the “What you need section.”


For information on state nutrition services:


Additional questions?

Contact your school’s front office via phone or in person, or email us at foodservice@sthopepublicschools.org.