“Never Let Nobody Steal Yo’ Thunder: Don’t Let the Bad People Keep You Down
By Kim Y. Nelson


After turning everyone she knows against her, Alice decides that it is time to make a positive change in her life. But despite all of her efforts to do the right thing and stay out of trouble, she seems to be a magnet for bad luck and bad people. Unfortunately in life, it only takes one bad person to bring you down to the point that you lose all of your “thunder” and passion for life. Sometimes, it only takes one bad person to make you lose your very will to live. Alice struggles to find the inner strength to overcome adversity and open herself up to the possibility of true love. This is Alice’s story…A story of deception, heartache, and triumph. Kim Y. Nelson was part of a mother and daughter writing duo. This is her first solo work, following the passing of her mother, Mabel L. Johnson. She is working on finalizing their last project, Grits and Mullet, rewriting their first project, Ain’t No One Monkey Gonna Stop My Show, and starting a new novel in the series. She currently lives in Northern California.