Kathy Marshall “Finding Daisy”
Discussion and Book Signing


Grandma Daisy lied to me about her birthplace, and I had to find out why. Using DNA testing, I found Grandma Daisy’s enslaved ancestors, and even toured the plantation where they toiled. Through family interviews, newspapers, and other documents, I learned how Grandma Daisy became an entrepreneur in the 1930s, which civic organizations she led, how she got her cooking gene, articles about her rich social life, and how she disciplined kids and husbands (oh my!). Poignant is the story of her ultimate battle. “Finding Daisy: From the Deep South to the Promised Land” is a story of triumph, pride, hard times, good fortune, laughs, fortitude, beastly anger, leadership, love, and truth. “You captured every aspect of Miss Daisy’s life, and her legacy lives on through your wonderful book. I could not stop reading her story and cried when her journey ended.” —Bernice Alexander Bennett, Genealogist, Speaker, Author of Tracing Their Steps: A Memoir. I worked as a researcher, analyst, and technical writer for 36 years. My published works include: The Ancestors Are Smiling!, the award-winning Finding Otho: The Search for Our Enslaved Williams Ancestors, as well as two anthologies. I am also the owner/artist for my Kanika Marshall Art business (www.KanikaMarshall.com).