To & Through College Starts Today with PS7 Elementary TK/Kindergarten


Your scholar’s journey to and through college starts today with PS7 Elementary’s TK/Kindergarten program.  Offering a FULL day program for both TK & Kindergarten, scholars are in school from 7:30AM to 3:00PM. PS7 Elementary also offers an after-school program, which runs until 6:00 PM, and provides enrichment opportunities such as Sac Theatre Company and Music In Motion.

The TK/Kindergarten Class of 2038 starts on Wednesday August 4th, when our scholars will enter their classrooms through a door marked with the year they will graduate from a four-year university. All of our homerooms are named after four-year colleges and universities, and our teachers talk about goal setting, the future, and working hard to achieve our goals starting day one.

PS7 Elementary is the only public elementary school in Sacramento that offers Art, Music and PE multiple times per week.  These extracurriculars, along with an academic curriculum that is built to support each and every scholars’ needs, truly sets PS7 Elementary above the rest.

Ms. Burks, one of St. HOPE’s Kindergarten teachers, shares that she is motivated every day to teach at PS7 Elementary because  “Every child can learn the right tools to succeed. Every child is special with unique capabilities and gifts.” Knowing how important it is to support the whole-child, our staff and teachers are committed to teaching not only the academic Common Core Standards, but also social-emotional learning and character traits to set our scholars up for success throughout their entire academic careers.

Don’t miss out! Enroll your child now or refer a friend. There are limited seats still available for the 2021-2022 academic school year and we would be thrilled to welcome you into the St. HOPE family. Contact our admissions team today!

St. HOPE Public Schools – Office of Admissions
2315 34th St, Sacramento, CA 95817