State-of-the Art PS7 Elementary Campus Coming Soon!


Built in the 1950’s, the PS7 Elementary campus is over 70 years old and is in desperate need of repair. For several years, St. HOPE Public Schools has been working to secure funding and approvals for a major PS7 Elementary modernization and we are thrilled that the project is officially underway.

Since PS7 opened in 2003 the percentage of scholars on or above grade level in the Oak Park community has dramatically increased. We’ve raised the bar and are producing extraordinary results in our Black and Latinx students as well as our overall student body. The PS7 modernization project is critical to ensuring that our students and staff do not face any school-site barriers and they continue to succeed.

Construction has already started and we anticipate having a fully modernized PS7 Elementary campus in 2025. The renovation will be completed in two phases to minimize disruption to student learning and nearby residents. This project includes building new classrooms, renovating the multi-purpose room, expanding the kitchen, providing a new administration building, and upgrading the outdoor play areas. It also includes reconfiguring the front entrance, access ways, and parking area to ensure student, family and staff safety during drop-off and pickup and reduce traffic congestion on Strawberry Lane.

With these improvements, our PS7 community will have a modern and updated school site that ensures a high quality learning environment that our scholars deserve.