Sac High Tackles the Regional Science Bowl!


Sac High freshman biology students tackled the Regional Science Bowl hosted at Cordova High School on February 24th. After months of anticipating acceptance as an eligible team, the group of young men began to prepare intensely, studying every day during lunch and after school for the competition. They eagerly counted the days until the competition, discussing the new topics they had learned since they began practicing two months prior. The Dragon competitors studied concepts from basic biology to college level physics to ensure they were prepared to compete in the program. Even though they were nervous prior to the first of their five competitions before the first break, the students were fascinated by how many schools were also competing and ready to tackle the day. They were asked a series of 23 questions and each team had a chance to answer to get a 10-point “bonus” free response question. Although they were competing against teams with students from different grade levels who have been competing together for years, the Dragons were still positive about their performance and talked about preparing for next year’s competition. This year’s team consisted of 9th graders from Sac High’s Class of 2021 and included Shabon Hankerson, Joel Marin, Bilal McIntyre and Timothy Paige. The Dragons were led by biology teacher Jacqueline Rivera.