Sac High Alumni Spotlight: Uriah Derlantiss, Class of 2020 


Uriah Derlantiss’ time at Sac High fostered a supportive educational environment and strong community ties. At Sac High, Uriah excelled academically, graduating with a 4.06 GPA. The school’s emphasis on a college-going culture played a significant role in her success. She appreciated that the school offered numerous Advanced Placement (AP) courses and held events that connected students with higher education opportunities. Uriah says the teachers and staff at St. HOPE taught her essential life skills, including perseverance, flexibility, and effective communication.

Uriah notes that St. HOPE Public Schools helped develop her love for education and her desire to learn new things. When she graduated from Sac High, she was academically prepared for college-level work and had developed the skills needed to successfully live on her own and get involved in campus life.

Uriah attended the University of Southern California (USC) where she majored in Health and Human Sciences and is proud to have made the Dean’s List multiple times. She graduated in May 2024, finding value in her studies and applying her knowledge in everyday situations. 

Through connections made during her internship at Underground Books in Oak Park, Uriah secured a job at Fixins Soul Kitchen and has risen through the ranks. Starting as a food runner, she quickly advanced to a management trainee and travel team member, helping establish new locations and train employees. This role allows her to utilize the organizational and communication skills she developed at Sac High and USC.

Uriah encourages current and future Sac High students to embrace growth, step out of their comfort zones, and seize opportunities. She emphasizes the importance of resilience and open-mindedness, urging students to view challenges as opportunities for development.