Racial Equity AND Economic Justice
Message from the CEO - 1.24.24


As we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. last week I was reflecting on the importance of having racial equity AND economic justice. The two are intimately intertwined and we must ensure that policies and practices are developed through a lens that provides equity and removes systemic barriers.  

At St. HOPE, we believe racial equity starts by ensuring that all students have access to a high quality education. Education is the pathway to success as it is often linked to better economic prospects and opportunities to move up the ladder. For over 20 years, our schools – PS7 and Sac High – have successfully been closing the opportunity gap for students who have been traditionally underserved. 

We also work to bring economic development and job opportunities to Oak Park. We seek out partners and businesses who want to invest in the cultural fabric of Oak Park and honor its rich history. As we look ahead, I’m proud that we have made progress in uplifting the Oak Park community but I know there is much more work to be done. I hope you will join St. HOPE in our efforts to build a strong and resilient community that is rooted in racial equity AND economic justice.

In community,


Cassandra H.B. Jennings

President and CEO