PS7 Elementary School Modernization Installs New Classrooms 


The construction teams have been hard at work on our PS7 campus renovation project since July 2023 and we are thrilled that the project is on schedule. Crews have been busy clearing land, pouring concrete, preparing building foundations, and installing new water, sewer and power lines that will serve the new facilities. They have paved the future basketball courts and new front parking lots, and began building the new campus fence.

Earlier this month, we installed two large buildings that hold five new classrooms and a restroom. Final assembly, carpeting, stucco, painting, and electrical work will be completed over the next two months. The next round of new classrooms will arrive this summer – in total there will be 11 new buildings holding 31 new classrooms when the campus modernization project is completed. We are so excited with the progress to date and can’t wait to have a fully modernized elementary school in the heart of Oak Park!