Graduating the Next Generation of Bridgebuilders
President's Message - 5.27.24


I recently had the pleasure of joining leaders from the Sacramento region on the Metro Chamber’s Cap to Cap trip. The trip was important as we were able to educate federal policymakers about California’s unique needs and priorities and discuss challenges specific to the Sacramento region. The trip also served as an opportunity to network with Sacramento-area friends and colleagues and tell them about all of the work St. HOPE is doing to strengthen the Oak Park community and ensure our younger generations — especially underserved youth — have access to educational programs that put them on the path to college and career success.

Throughout the trip, one theme stuck with me – the need to develop and nurture partnerships. While we have made great strides, we cannot do it alone. It takes public partners, private entities, and individuals to truly level the playing field and ensure there are equitable investments in communities of color and opportunities for upwards mobility. We teach our students at St. HOPE Public Schools the importance of building bridges and we hope that we have the opportunity to collaborate with you on building a brighter future. 

In community,

Cassandra H.B. Jennings

President and CEO