Face 2 Face
By Lula Brown


Many of us are hurting and struggling through life’s storms. It can sometimes feel as though we are experiencing the wilderness alone. Circumstances arise suddenly and unexpectedly in life that can bring us to our knees. It is there where we have a deep desire to pray and seek God in prayer, but it’s hard to find the words and how to say them escapes us. Even if we are familiar with how to pray, devastating trials can take away thought patterns and leave us longing for the right words to say to our Lord. This collection of prayers will walks readers through the inevitable twist and turns, ups and downs, good times and bad times of life. With focus on God, Face 2 Face allows readers to touch the heart of God in order to find a voice. Each prayer provides Bible Scriptures to refer to in a time of need. These everyday topics will bring us Face 2 Face with God with prayers focusing on: v Spiritual warfare v Guidance v Spiritual instructions v Support v Encouragement v Prayers for pastors, ministers, and laypersons v Prayer Scriptures Once we have a guide to scriptural praying, our prayer life will increase and soon, we will seek God on a regular basis. While reading Face 2 Face, it is author Lula Brown’s prayer that God will provide you with a fervent and powerful prayer life.

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