Core Classes

PS7 scholars take 4 core classes and 2 electives.  Electives meet twice per week so that scholars are taking 5 classes per day.  On Wednesdays, scholars participate in an extended homeroom period at the end of the day to reflect on their academic achievement and behavior from the previous week and set goals for the upcoming week.
At PS7 we take reading seriously. All scholars participate in reading block four times a week.  This is an additional 2 hours of instruction each week, where classes read a novel together, write responses to common core aligned prompts, and share their ideas in a class discussion.  At this time, we also offer small group instruction to scholars who are reading far below grade level because we know that literacy is a key component to success.
The PS7 curriculum is driven by the content and performance standards scholars should know and be able to apply at the end of each grade level. For each grade level, standards are based on the Common Core and/or California state-adopted content standards. Teachers create a rigorous curriculum, focused on preparing our scholars for college, and use regularly scheduled assessments to measure how well scholars are mastering the standards.