Christina Williams-James
8th Grade Science Teacher

What is your commitment to urban education and why have you chose to work at SHPS?

I do the work I do at SHPS because I strongly believe that the Change Agents that the world so desperately needs, sit in the seats of classrooms that don’t receive recognition. I challenge my students with rigorous science content, build life-long relationships, invest in family and community partnerships, and encourage pride in-self because I recognize that I need my students and their potential inspires me. Education is a strong pillar of hope in my family and I plan to make it just as evident in my classroom.

What are your greatest highlights in working in education?

The greatest joy I get from working in education is seeing my students reach an academic class goal or persona  growth goal. The smile or joy on their face makes lesson planing, grading, and preparing worth it.

What book ( fiction or non-fiction) has influenced you the most?

Honestly, I am most influenced and encouraged in my faith. So the Bible would be the book that most influences me.