2nd Annual Black Film Festival Returns to Oak Park
Guild Theater


We are thrilled that the Black Film Festival is returning to Oak Park for its second year. From Wednesday, October 11 through Sunday, October 15, the greater Sacramento community is invited to enjoy and experience African-American stories and history through cinema. The five-day event will showcase independent feature, documentary, and short films by African-American filmmakers, along with panel discussions and exclusive events.  The celebration, which will take place at the Guild Theater (2828 35th Street, Sacramento), a historical venue and the centerpiece of the 40 Acres Complex. The event is for adults ages 18+. To buy tickets please visit this eventbrite link.  

Ticket pricing

$100 – VIP All Access Pass (includes admission to the entire film festival on all 5 days and all post VIP Receptions at Fixins Soul Kitchen).

$15 – Single Day Pass 

$20 – Walk up tickets

Schedule of events

Wednesday, October 11 – 5-9pm

“A Real One” (Short Film) – McKenzie Chinn, Director

“We Were Meant To” (Short Film) – Tari Wariebi, Director

“ARTiculate ATL, A Decade of Art, Music, and Expression” (Short Film) – Esohe Galbreath, Chief Executive Consultant

Discussion: Tari Wariebi & Esohe Galbreath

“One Shot” (Short Film) – Damien Wilkins, Overtime Elite

Discussion: Damien Wilkins

“Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Story” (Feature Film) – Joe Brewster, Michele Stephenson, Directors

VIP Reception at Fixins Soul Kitchen (For Guests with VIP Passes ONLY)

Thursday, October 12 – 5-9pm

“Own the 8 Count” (Short Film) – Dawn Manning, Production Executive

“Regret to Inform You” (Short Film) – Yusuf Nasir, Director

“Hampton University: One of the Wonders of the World” (Documentary) – Phill Branch, Director

“Pretty Boy” (Short Film) – Kevin Coleman-Cohn, Director

Discussion: Dawn Manning , Yusuf Nasir, Phill Branch, Kevin Coleman-Cohen

Victor Luckerson Author Talk: Built From the Fire: The Epic Story of Tulsa’s Greenwood District

“Somewhere in America: Presidents, Protests and a Race Massacre” (Short Film) – Brian Schodorf, Producer

“Rebuilding Black Wall Street: Reinvest” (Short Film) – RiKarlo Handy, Artist & Ananda Lewis, Activist

Discussion: Victor Luckerson, RiKarlo Handy, Ananda Lewis & Brian Schodorf

VIP Reception at Fixins Soul Kitchen (For Guests with VIP Passes ONLY)

Friday, October 13 – 5-9pm 

“Honor Student” (Feature Film) – Tamika Miller, Director

Discussion: Tamika Miller

Clint Lanier Author Talk: Ted Mack and America’s First Black Owned Brewery

“One Pint at a Time” (Feature Documentary) – Aaron Hose

Jackie Ruffin Actress Talk: Patsy Young Oral History:The Fugitive Brewer

“Black is Beautiful” (Feature Documentary) – Marcus Baskerville, Weathered Souls Brewing Co. Marco Ortega, Director

Discussion: Clint Lanier, Aaron Hose, Marcus Baskerville, Marco Ortega & Ted Mack II

VIP Reception at Fixins Soul Kitchen (For Guests with VIP Passes ONLY)

Saturday, October 14 (50th Anniversary of Hip Hop) – 5 - 9pm 

“Boogie Rage” (Short Film)

“Hails from Shaolin” (Short Film)

“You Can’t Erase Me by Special K” (Feature Film)

“Eve After Dark” (Feature Film)

Discussion: CR (Hip Hop Film Festival), Alonzo Williams(Eve After Dark, Producer)

VIP Reception at Fixins Soul Kitchen (For Guests with VIP Passes ONLY)

Slim & Husky’s Hip Hop Post Party (Open to ALL Guests)

Sunday, October 15 – 1- 5pm 

“King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones” (Feature Film)

Discussion: Harriet Marin Jones

“Black Barbie: A Documentary” (Feature Documentary)