Who We Are and How We Act


We are…

Hard workers

Oak Park Prep scholars and staff spend over nine hours at school every day to ensure that students experience continuous academic growth and success. During those nine hours of instruction teachers and scholars are engaged in rigorous academic work designed to push scholars to new levels of learning. Every day Oak Park Prep scholars receive two-hundred and ten minutes of literacy instruction because we believe that literacy is the most important skill which will ensure our students’ future academic and professional success. Every member of the Oak Park Prep community not only works hard, but also works smart to maximize instructional time so that every single second is used for learning.

Disciplined leaders

The Oak Park Prep community believes that a “no excuses” culture is the key to scholar achievement. Teachers and leaders are warm but strict at all times. Scholars understand that their teachers care for them and, therefore, will let nothing stand in the way of their success. Oak Park Prep is a structured learning environment which creates a safe space for learning, saves time for instruction, and encourages warm and positive interactions between scholars and staff. All members of the Oak Park Prep community are expected to act as leaders and therefore always exemplify professionalism.

Accountable stakeholders

Scholars, families, teachers, and leaders at Oak Park Prep understand their role in educating students and commit to executing it without excuses. Teachers and leaders commit to communicate with families, to live our mission and vision, and to own the academic performance of our scholars. Scholars commit to following our school values of preparedness, respect, engagement, and professionalism. Families commit to support our academic program, ensure that scholars come to school on time and in uniform, and support academics outside of school. All stakeholders hold each other accountable for their roles in a respectful manner.

Achievement-oriented professionals

Scholar achievement is Oak Park Prep’s bottom line. We believe that numbers don’t lie and measurable scholar outcomes matter deeply. The Oak Park Prep community possesses a laser-like focus on scholar achievement. Teachers and leaders analyze assessment data and adjust our instruction to best educate our scholars. We provide extra supports and devote extra time to ensure our scholars experience continuous measurable academic growth. We believe that student achievement is a direct measurement of the success of our mission.

Continuously improving scholars

The phrase “good enough” do not exist at Oak Park Prep. All stakeholders work continuously to improve because scholars deserve nothing less. Teachers and leaders work to refine their practices and push scholars to higher academic levels. Scholars come to school to work hard every day because they know the harder they work, the smarter they get. Families want the best for their scholars and continuously support Oak Park Prep and their scholars. All stakeholders possess a hunger for excellence which will never be satisfied.

We act with…


We come to school with lesson plans and homework completed. . We come in uniform with our materials organized neatly. We come with a good attitude, ready to teach and learn.


All stakeholders respect each other and their roles at our school. Teachers teach, scholars learn, and families and leaders support. When we disagree with our teammates we do so by valuing them, acting with humility, and holding them accountable. We respect each other by following the rules and always executing our roles at an extremely high level.


When we are at school we are constantly and enthusiastically engaged in the work of teaching and learning. We act with optimism, passion, and joy.


We keep a clean, neat, and organized environment. We dress like professionals. We address each other with respect.

Because of who we are and how we act we are also gap closers and game changers. We work tirelessly, relentlessly, and with unconditional optimism to produce exemplary academic outcomes for our scholars and close the achievement gap in our community.