Summer of HOPE
By Staff Writer

Pipeline Newsletter

The mission of St. HOPE is rooted in service and leadership. Summer is the perfect time to see these concepts in full display as Sac High alumni, home from college, return to their alma mater for summer internships.

The summer of 2016 had nearly twenty Dragon alum staffing various positions across St. HOPE. These dedicated former students worked at The Torch (the student-created store) ensuring every student had what they needed on day one. They were in offices across St. HOPE, including playing a key role in the operations of St. HOPE’s non-educational enterprises, such as the development company. However, their presence was felt the most assisting the admissions team, including the vaunted street team, where Sac High alum helped welcome the next generation of HOPEsters by getting students and families fully enrolled for day one.

Sac High’s summer street team was made up of a group of creative, energetic alumni who helped double the number of applications received for new students looking to join one of our schools. In addition, interns ran the day-to-day operations of the admissions office, which included ensuring students were: fully enrolled; attended tours and orientations; completed placement tests; received their required medical shots; and were 100% ready to go for day one of school.

Due to the incredible work of our alumni team this summer, we welcomed over 500 new HOPEsters for the first day of school in 2016-17!  Just as importantly, these former Dragons will return to their college campuses better prepared for success in college and in life.