School’s Back!
By Staff Writer

Pipeline Newsletter

On August 10th, nearly 1,700 PreK-12th grade students returned to school for the 2016-17 school year across the campuses of St. HOPE Public Schools. While Triumph preschool had already been open for a week, PS7 (TK-8), Oak Park Prep (7-8) and Sac High (9-12) all opened their doors the second Wednesday in August to kick off the new year. Now, one month into school, classes are full and students are taking their first steps of the year climbing the mountain to and through college. In fact, despite being just one month into their senior year, this week Sac High 12th graders will receive their first ever college acceptances at Sacramento’s annual HBCU Fair.

More positive momentum came shortly after the start of school with the release of the newest round of state test scores, which were completed last spring. All of the schools operated by SHPS saw an increase in test results with students scoring at or above grade level (now referred to as “Met standards” or “Exceeded standards” by the state). Some highlights from these results include Sac High achieving the second highest scores in English when compared against all other open enrollment comprehensive high schools across the city of Sacramento. In addition, PS7’s 8th grade math scores put it among the highest performing middle schools in the Sac City school district. 

We are excited to share more of the incredible achievements of our students as we fully analyze our 2015-16 student achievement data, and we can’t wait for this year’s students to continue their strong start and achieve even higher results.