Sac High Senior Micah Holmes Leading by Example 

Pipeline Newsletter

Earlier this month, Micah Holmes, a Sac High senior, presented at the City Parks and Community Enrichment Commission where he told Commissioners how much he has benefited from participating in the City’s youth workforce development Landscape & Learning (L&L) program. Micah started as an intern in the L&L program in summer 2022 where he has worked in community parks and green spaces weeding, pruning, and providing general park maintenance and clean up. The work-based program provides youth ages 14-17 with hands-on training and teaches them how to use landscape tools properly. Micah said the program provides a meaningful job for teenagers to not only beautify community parks but to learn how to work as a team and communicate effectively with others.

Micah had to apply and interview for the Landscape & Learning internship, which was his first job.  He says this professional experience helped him grow in so many ways as it required him to have discipline, respect, and a strong work ethic. 

Michah’s mother Christine also spoke at the Commission meeting where she talked about how proud she is to see her son as a leader and how this program is beneficial not only for the community but for the teenagers it employs. She thanked the Parks and Community Enrichment Commission for giving Micah this opportunity as it has given him invaluable real-world work skills.