Sac High Partnership with MADE Provides Scholars with Unique Hands-on Learning Opportunity

Pipeline Newsletter

Sac High recently established a partnership with MADE to provide scholars with an opportunity to learn how to use design programs and tools to create artistic projects. Scholars come to the creative community workspace located in Oak Park one day a week after school. They receive  hands-on instruction and have access to graphic design programs and tools to create stickers,  wood engraving, 3D printing projects, and more. 

Brannon Harris, helps run the operations at MADE and says “our program with the Sac High students involves training them on our digital fabrication tools we have from sticker machines to laser cutters, 3D printers, and even heat presses for making merchandise like bags and hats.  Mostly, we focus on software skills because it seems to be a little bit of a bottleneck and once they can design things, learning the tool is easy and then they can create little business ideas to express themselves.”

Through the partnership with MADE, Sac High is providing scholars with access to cutting-edge tools and instructors to teach them industry standard software at no cost. This very unique opportunity helps Sac High scholars develop problem solving skills, encourages them to think creatively, and teaches manufacturing and design skills to help them in high school and beyond!