Sac High Alumni Spotlight: Tirzah Hubbard, Class of 2009

Pipeline Newsletter

Tirzah Hubbard attended Sac High in 2005 and graduated in 2009. During her time there, Tirzah chose to take advantage of all the resources the Sac High had to offer. With the help of her advisory teacher and a schedule filled with sports, Tirzah was on the college path early on in high school. She attended Sacramento State University and earned her Bachelors in Communications. Tirzah continued her schooling at Sacramento State and went on to earn her Masters in Education, Behavioral Science, and Gender Equity Studies.

While in college, Tirzah was an entrepreneur and started her own training business where she mentored and coached students and adults while also pursuing a music career as a singer. After she graduated from college, she worked for the State of California for two years doing social work with adult seniors in the community. She is currently a substitute teacher at several K-12 schools in the Sacramento region and continues her music career as a singer. Her career goals include teaching at a college or university which she hopes to do one day. 

Reflecting back on her time at Sac High, Tirzah said how prepared she felt when she graduated high school and how much Sac High set her up for  success in college and beyond. As a high school student she took economics classes, gained job skills, learned how to build a resume and draft professional emails. She also learned how to apply for financial aid on her own. 

Tirzah finished her high school credits in her junior year and in her senior year she took classes at Sac City College to get a jump start on what was to come. She said Sac High offered similar college-like courses that made the transition into higher education easy.

Tirzah still has relationships with Sac High faculty to this day and uses the many tools that they equipped her with in her work with students. Her advice to future and current Sac High Scholars is to find your “why”. Why are you here and what is your purpose? When you find your “why”, develop relationships with faculty and ask all the questions you need so you are fully prepared when you go off to college.