PS7 Shows Off for First Art and Music Showcase

Pipeline Newsletter

PS7 Elementary is always dedicated to bringing as many experiences to our scholars as possible. This year, we knew we wanted to increase the number of electives scholars had the opportunity to participate in while at the elementary school, so we added two — art and music. Throughout the year our scholars learned the various elements of art and music enabling them to present their first ever art and music production, “It’s A Creative World.” 

In preparation for the show, our PS7 scholars created their own Disney ears, along with painting canvases that spelled out PS7 Elementary. Our scholars also learned a variety of Disney songs and dances for their final production. With the support of the Guild Theater and Underground Books, PS7 artwork from grades TK-8th lined the windows of 35th street. Inside the Guild Theater, we welcomed over 500+ PS7 family and friends for FOUR musical shows. Our scholars proudly wore their personalized Disney ears, and sang and danced the night away!

This night and the hard work of our scholars and staff was truly a night to remember!