PS7 Pick and Rolls with The Kings!

Pipeline Newsletter

One of the most exciting perks of being a PS7 scholar and staff member is our community partnership with the Sacramento Kings! Throughout the basketball season, the Kings community program graciously donates tickets to different games to St. HOPE. We are then able to reward staff, scholars and families with FREE KINGS TICKETS! Who doesn’t love a Kings game?! Many times, these tickets are used to incentivize positive behavior, leadership, and perseverance. Other times, these tickets are used as rewards!

At the end of Quarter 2, in order to reward our PS7 staff for their hard work, dedication, and love for our scholars and families, we were able to gift our staff with Kings tickets over the Winter Break. It was so exciting and fun to see our team come together outside of the workplace and to celebrate as a #PS7Family. We cannot thank the Kings enough for their partnership and we look forward to continuing to support our hometown team throughout this awesome basketball season!