PS7 Alumni Spotlight: Elijah Orr

Pipeline Newsletter

Elijah Orr is a St. HOPE Public Schools alumni who attended PS7 from fourth to eighth grade. After he graduated high school, he studied Criminal Justice and Ethnic Studies at Northern Arizona University and is now the District Representative for State Senator Angelique Ashby. Prior to working for Senator Ashby, he was a Policy and Advocacy Fellow at the Anti-Recidivism Coalition.

The influence leading Elijah to get into politics and give back to his community was always around him since his time at PS7. He attributes his professional successes to St. HOPE saying that he would not be where he is today without his experience at PS7. The high standards that are required of all scholars and the teachers’ commitment to ensuring all students succeed provided Elijah with “unwavering support” and helped him build “a foundation of self-belief”.

PS7 was not just another school to Elijah. He said it felt like a second family and a sanctuary where they tried to find the root of any problems and address them. He went to school through the third grade not being able to see properly. Once he began the fourth grade at PS7, the issues with his vision were identified and strengthened which allowed Elijah to catch up to the rest of his class.

Elijah attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the major PS7 Elementary renovation project and was deeply moved when asked how he felt about the improvements. He reflected on his time there and remembered how much the school was able to accomplish with few resources. He is overjoyed with the improvements being made and knows that St. HOPE Public School scholars have a bright future.