Meeting of the Minds

Pipeline Newsletter

The 12th Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit convened this year in Sacramento with the purpose of spotlighting tools and best practices. Leaders from around the nation were brought together at this event held downtown and St. HOPE was fortunate enough to have been chosen to lead a workshop tour of Oak Park alongside Sacramento City Council Member, Jay Schenirer. 

Leaders traveled from downtown and began their tour at the Guild Theater where they learned more about St. HOPE and Way Up, which is Council Member Shenirer’s nonprofit initiative to bring more resources to the community. From there they explored 40 Acres and St. HOPE’s properties along Broadway, then headed over to McClatchy Park. Folks were also taken to PS7 Elementary School, the Fruitridge Community Collaborative, and Oak Park Old Soul. 

The tour ended at the St. HOPE Business Complex with a great discussion on investment in holistic neighborhood redevelopment. Overall, St. HOPE was honored to have had the opportunity to show off some of the amazing work we are doing in the Oak Park Community and to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Council Member Schenirer!