College Visits Award Real-Life College Experience

Pipeline Newsletter

Each year, Sac High prides itself in exposing ALL students to college life, and this year was no exception.  In December, students were able to select their annual college trip to a vast array of Northern California universities, including UC Berkeley, Chico State, CSU East Bay, UC Merced, Sacramento State, and Sonoma State.  By the time a Sac High student graduates, they have been provided with the opportunity to visit at least four different college campuses – those students involved in EAOP and College Track visit far more! 

This year, each university field lesson included specially arranged campus and housing tours as well as presentations by admissions, academic support services, and alumni.  At the Chico State visit, students were impressed to hear from Sac High alumni (Petetoria Arafiles ‘16, Ashleigh Hardy ‘15, Kayla Crawford ‘17, Craig Adams ‘18, Lilliana Mitchell ‘18, and Danielle Collier ‘17) about their positive experiences. Richaud Brown, Nya Davis, and Jaiden Reece, current Sac State freshmen, gave presentations about their first year experiences and how they have made the most out of a college experience in their hometown.  UC Berkeley freshmen Tianna Holmes, Alisha Reed, and Torionna Nichols greeted our students with pride and shared insight about the process of transitioning successfully to such a rigorous college experience.  Depending on the campus visited, our Sac High students returned to school with different perspectives – those who visited CSU East Bay and UC Merced remarked on the student body diversity and exceptional on-campus housing opportunities while Sonoma State visitors commented on the tranquility and friendliness of the campus. 

This month, seniors are traveling throughout the state visiting campuses to which they have been admitted.  Some universities, such as UCLA, UC Berkeley and UCSD, host free admit weekends for select students, but most students are road tripping with friends, family members, or Sac High and College Track staff. Seniors admitted to UC Santa Cruz visited campus this past week, while intimate visits to UC Merced, CSU East Bay, and Chico State are planned for later in the month.  Seniors have until May 1st to make their final college decision, so hopefully the college visits over the past four years have prepared them to make informed decisions when selecting their “best fit” college so they not only make it to college, but successfully through college in four years!