Special Education


Our Services 

The Special Education Department strives to improve the success of students with exceptionalities.  This is accomplished through advocacy, commitment, and professional development.  We provide self-contained, pull-out, and push-in instructional support for students with IEPs.  We also consult with staff and support teachers in developing accommodations to their instructional programs, collaborate with deans and administrators to monitor and resolve discipline issues, and communicate regularly with families to maintain strong relationships for students whose unique needs require adjustments to traditional academic programs in order to be successful.  We have a staff of psychologists, counselors, education specialists, program coordinators, and instructional associates to support this work.

If you have any questions regarding Special Education, please contact Judy Jackson at jjackson@sthopepublicschools.org or (916) 704-1013, and she will direct you to the appropriate individual to assist you.