Our Unique Approach to Distance Learning


Scholars at St. HOPE Public Schools (Sacramento Charter High School, PS7 Middle School, and PS7 Elementary School) are off to a strong start with the new school year being implemented in the “distance learning” format. St. HOPE worked over the summer with teachers, administrators and parent focus groups to design a program for distance learning that is based on live instruction and live office hours delivered virtually to maintain the highest expectations for learning, allow for consistent peer interaction, and enable teachers and staff to deliver the optimal level of support.

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Different classroom setting, same high expectations and academic goals

St. HOPE’s distance learning program is truly about continued learning. The classes look different, and the methods are new and creative, but goals are the same as they’ve always been. Distance learning at PS7 Elementary, PS7 Middle, and Sacramento Charter High School is not a mere assignment of busywork or simple worksheet packets that have kids treading water. Our scholars are staying interested, engaged, and continuing to close the achievement gap. We can’t afford to lose this time in teaching, and our scholars can’t afford to lose any time in learning.

St. HOPE is fully committed to preparing its students for the next grade level, for meeting high academic standards, and ultimately going to college successfully. The teachers at St. HOPE are working hard to keep scholars on track, letting them know that the expectations remain high regardless of whether they are physically in classrooms right now.

Live sessions keeping your scholar on task and engaged at all times

Scholars are in school daily from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM in live sessions with their teachers. This provides structure and accountability and greatly reduces the burden on parents as teachers are right there to keep scholars on task and engaged in meaningful learning opportunities. Teachers are also holding live office hours three days per week to provide real time student check-ins, support, and follow up instruction.

Technology resources available for your scholar at no cost

All St. HOPE students are provided with Chromebooks and other technology support as needed.

Extracurriculars for enhancing distance learning programs

Additionally, St. HOPE schools are keeping up with extracurriculars even in this distance learning environment. This is helping scholars stay excited about school and maintaining their connection to the broader school community. Some of those activities include partnering with the nonprofit “Food Literacy” to hold Monday activities on cooking and eating healthy; weekly online read-alouds by school leaders; virtual field lessons - like PS7 Elementary students doing an online visit at the San Diego Zoo; virtual college tours; virtual talent shows; PE and dance videos; and online games through Kahoot, trivia etc. to foster camaraderie.

Adhering to state and local health guidelines

St. HOPE prioritizes the health and wellness of its entire student, family and staff community during this coronavirus pandemic, and will continue to follow guidance from the Sacramento County Health Department and state officials regarding when school campuses can reopen for in-person instruction.

In the midst of this unprecedented time, St. HOPE scholars are still learning, and real academic progress is continuing to be made.

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