Sonny Walebowa “Adventures in Vangoland: The Rise Against Evil (Vol. 1)
Discussion and Book Signing


Moabi, a loner and an aspiring young writer from Brooklyn, travels to Botswana on Safari. When a cave adorned with prehistoric paintings mysteriously transports him into a whole new world –Vangoland – he faces doom.   In Vangoland, the king’s relationship with the Creator has ensured their wellbeing – until now. Draught is severe and water is retreating into the underground abyss. Moabi is the kingdom’s only hope to change the stubborn king’s mind.   Meanwhile, Beelz, the power-hungry evil serpent, will stop at nothing to take over Vangoland. Trusting his dragon accomplice, he plots his nefarious strategy from Mount Fear.   Angelix, the spirit-led dove, can help Moabi get home – but won’t until evil is defeated. With three courageous animals, Moabi climbs Mount Fear to combat the evil forces. The outcome determines the fate of Moabi and the future of Vangoland.