Sonny Walebowa “Adventures in Vangoland”
Discussion and Book Signing


Moabi, a loner and an aspiring young writer from Brooklyn, travels to Botswana on Safari. When a cave adorned with prehistoric paintings mysteriously transports him into a whole new world -Vangoland- he faces doom.

In Vangoland, the king’s relationship with the Creator has ensured their wellbeing – until now. Draught is severe and water is retreating into the underground abyss.Moabi is the kingdom’s only hope to change the stubborn king’s mind.

Meanwhile, Beelz, the power-hungry evil serpent, will stop at nothing to take over Vangoland. Trusting his dragon accomplice, he plots his nefarious strategy from Mount Fear.

Angelix, the spirit-led dove, can help Moabi get home – but won’t until evil is defeated. With three courageous animals, MoabiclimbsMount Fear to combat the evil forces. The outcome determines the fate of Moabi and the future of Vangoland.