Sandra Green “God Hears the Whispers of our Hearts”
Discussion and Book Signing


The title of this book, God Hears the Whispers of Our Hearts, came from sitting on a park bench with my four children when they were small, on the grounds of the State Capitol of Sacramento, with a wondering thought about where my life was headed and in what direction I will end up at. It began as a thought and then a whisper and sigh. As I gazed up at the Capitol building and admire the beauty of it (the people walking in and out, the squirrels running and playing) I whispered in my heart, “I wish I could be like one of those people entering the building to work in such a beautiful place.” Immediately, my sigh and thought came to a stop-it seemed like such an impossible dream. As the time went by, the manifestation of that sigh and whisper became a reality and a dream come true. I not only worked in that building but retired from it after thirty-four years. This is the story in the contents of this book “The Bench.”