Sac High Class of 2009
Class Reunion


When St. HOPE Public Schools took over the operations and management of Sacramento High School in 2003, it transitioned the high school into an independent public charter school with the vision to create one of the finest urban high schools in America. By raising the graduation requirements to parallel the expectations of the California A-G course requirements to boost the chance of gain admission to a UC or CSU school, Sacramento High students were on track to be accepted to a 4-year university.

For the class of 2009, Sacramento Charter High achieved a 4-year university acceptance rate over 80%. This was a testament to the improvement of helping many first-generation students enter college. With your assistance, we saw many of our alumni take off to elite schools throughout the country along with others remaining close to home making a vital impact in the community starting their own small-businesses and advancing their professional careers. As our 10-year anniversary has arrived, we are aiming to come together once again in celebration this upcoming fall.

We will be holding our celebration at William Land Park in the afternoon Sunday, October 13th. We are expecting an attendance of 50-75 alumni along with additional family (children, spouses, significant others). There will be catering, fun games, and a bounce house for the baby Dragons.

As a friend or family of a Sacramento Charter High Class of 2009 graduate, we are asking for you to make a pledge to support the expenses of our 10-year reunion.

We have established this GoFundMe  where we are accepting any amount you would like to donate to our celebration. Please note, this is a personal gift and will not be tax-deductible by law. Your donation will solely go towards the cost of production fees (rental costs, decorations, insurance, etc.)

Thank you in advance for your donation and we would love to have you join us for our celebration. 

Respectfully, Sacramento Charter High Class of 2009 Alumni