Robin Ayers – Unspoken Languages: Making Your Beliefs Speak For You
Discussion and Book Signing


A feel-good book that ignites the unspoken language of belief to live the life you desire and deserve! Robin Ayers shares real life stories of her own and she references experiences of others to show the power of belief that we’ve all been born with. Have you ever felt stuck in your life? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all while others struggle to find their way? The answer is simply that all things begin with belief. What do you believe about yourself and the capabilities that you have. Unspoken Language is a powerful tool that has been instilled in your since the day you were born. It’s a language that is silent but it’s a force that communicates heavily with the universe to bring you exactly what you desire in life. Be prepared to walk away from this book feeling empowered and certain of what you are able to accomplish in your life through optimism, favor, possibilities, and most of all: belief!