Rick McPhearson “The System”
Discussion and Book Signing


The System 5 Phases to Living a Meaningful Everyday Life: Every good coach develops a winning System, within these pages I’ve laid out a System for … Life. Will you trust The System? 

The System is put together as a foundational tool for guiding you to living a positive meaningful everyday life. It will challenge, inspire, and motivate you to becoming a more thought provoked personally accountable individual with a heart healthy conscious. A true lover of life, possessing the foundational skills needed to plan, organize, direct, monitor, and control the process of one’s life expectancy. The skills to become self-sustaining, with the ability to give back to those less fortunate, and the want to hold doors open for those following behind you. It is a quick thought provoking blueprint that you can put into action right away, and once you do, you should see an immediate change with a very high return on your investment. Let’s Go…