Resmaa Menakem’s “The Quaking of America” Discussion and Book Signing
Underground Books


Please join us for a very special in-person book discussion with author Resmaa Menakem as he shares his newest book “The Quaking of America” and moderated by Lawyer, Professor and Radio Host Mark Harris. 

In his groundbreaking National Bestselling book ”My Grandmother’s Hands”, Resmaa Menakem examined the damage caused by racism in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology.

He now joins us in person to present his newest book “The Quaking of America”

Discussion will take place at The Guild Theater at 6 pm with a book signing to follow immediately after at Underground Books.

In “The Quaking of America”, therapist and trauma specialist Resmaa Menakem takes readers through somatic processes addressing the growing threat of white-supremacist political violence.

Through the coordinated repetition of lies, anti-democratic elements in American society are working to incite mass radicalization, widespread chaos, and a collective trauma response in tens of millions of American bodies.

Currently, most of us are utterly unprepared for this potential mayhem. This book can help prepare us—and possibly prevent further destruction. This preparation focuses not on strategy or politics, but on practices that can help us

Build presence and discernment in our bodies

Settle our bodies during the heat of conflict

Maintain our safety, sanity, and stability in dangerous situations

Heal our personal and collective racialized trauma

Practice embodied social action

Turn toward instead of on one another

The Quaking of America is a unique and perfectly timed guide to help us navigate our widespread upheaval and build an antiracist culture.


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