Remembering James Brown



Remembering James, starring Broadway World Nominee Dedrick Weathersby, telling the story of The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. Spanning nearly two decades of his monumental career, you’ll see how a divided country, the growing Civil Rights movement and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shaped the artist’s work. A eight-piece band accompanies the show, bringing the passion of his music alive while offering a message of hope to a grief-stricken nation looking for a moment of healing and celebration.

Some songs include: “Prisoner of Love,” “Please Please,” “Try Me,” “Caldonia,” “Outta Sight”, “I Got The Feeling,” “Papa Got a Brand New Bag,” “Cold Sweat,” “I Feel Good,” “This a Man’s World,” “Doin It To Death,” “Say It Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud.”


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Event Highlights:
“San Francisco promoter… [Brian] Martin praised Weathersby for ‘nailing’ all of Browns dance moves and called the acting ‘Oscar-worthy.’ ‘Dedrick is the real deal,’ Martin said. ‘If youre a James Brown fan, this show is phenomenal. It brought back so many great memories working with Mr. Brown and his band.’” - “Times-Herald”


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Praise from fans for Remembering James:


“We have seen James Brown perform and Dedrick Weathersby has him down.”

“Weathersby’s performance was spot on and fantastic.”

“The band was great and there wasn’t a song that I would want to have hear that they missed.”

“If you are a James Brown fan and even if you’re not you should see this show.”

“Highly recommend and the guy who plays James Brown (Dedrick Weathersby) is definitely a talent you dont want to miss, his band is awesome as well.”

“Weathersby’s Brown is so on-point and real, I used Shazam to see if James Brown would show up as the performer of the songs because Weathersby nailed it.” — Reelkev Arts

“Outstanding show! Extremely entertaining! Dedrick Weathersby is an incredibly talented young man. His representation of James Brown (songs, dancing, outfits, was so on point). I highly recommend this show!”

“Watch out New York! James Brown is on his way to Broadway!”