“Raisins in Milk”
By Dr. David Covin


This is a coming of age novel of a Black girl, Ruth-Ann Weathering, born in Mandarin Florida in 1900. It traces events from 1913 – 1920.

“Raisins in Milk is a potent coming of age story that takes place in the racist south during the early twentieth century. It’s rich and passionate, artfully shaped and forcefully developed, a story of love and laughter, hate and revenge, sorrow and grief, shown through a labyrinth of vivid characters and descriptive events that draw the reader into its tortured soul. It makes you laugh. It makes you cry. It makes you scream and holler, even shout out loud. It hooks you from the beginning and never lets go. An extraordinary read that lingers long after it’s finished.” –Geri Spencer Hunter, Author of the Summer of My Fifteenth Year